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Do you care about the quality and purity of the final product? Do you want to remove pollution from the walls of tanks and pipes? We have a solution for you.

Regular use of our services guarantees product purity

In our experience, equipment and apparatus maintenance needs to be performed every 6-12 months on average, or every time you want to start a new production run.

You can entrust us with this task. We'll handle technical maintenance of production equipment, always arriving on time to prevent any contamination of the production system.

You save time and money, because we'll ensure a comprehensive service

We employ proven solutions that we have been refining for 20 years. Rouging is a multi-stage activity and involves the use of various substances during the cleaning and subsequent rinsing processes.

Proces equipment and apparatus maintenance is a multi-step action that involves the application of various substances during cleaning, as well as subsequent rinsing.
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You can avoid having to dispose of an entire batch of the product

We guarantee our effectiveness, which we can confirm with additional research.

Stage 1

consists in the removal and cleaning of all deposits and pollution

Stage 2

is neutralisation and thorough rinsing after the cleaning stage

Stage 3

is final passivation using a special agent

Stage 4

rinsing after the passivation stage and physical-chemical measurements of the surface

Stage 5

Collection of all waste for disposal

By taking advantage of solutions provided by, you can be sure that we'll complete all procedures

We operate 100% safe for the health of customers, employees, as well as the environment. Not only do we offer effective cleaning and maintenance of stainless steel installations, but we also recycle the liquids generated in the cleaning process. In addition, we maintain high standards for the services we provide, and as a result, you can be sure that the installation has been well cleaned.Derouging is aimed at restoring the surface of stainless steel to its original condition, which improves not only aesthetics, but also its durability and strength. It is an important process in many industries such as pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and chemical. If you too would like to remove rouging, then contact us! We reach our customers and take on even the toughest jobs. Trust the specialists - trust!Rouging Stainless steel is a problem for many systems in pharmaceutical or cosmetic factories, among others. Contamination can lead to significant losses and product contamination. After about 6 - 12 months of operation of stainless steel systems, reddish-brown, rust-colored surface contamination can often be seen on the internal surfaces of pipelines and tanks, which are impossible to remove with ordinary means. Unfortunately, even regular use of factory CIP (Clear in Place) systems will not help combat the problem. Usually, there is no single cause for this phenomenon. The main ones belong to the products used for water treatment, the contamination content of the flowing medium (e.g., contamination in the transport of raw materials to the factory, during loading), the chloride content and pH of the product, as well as the surface finish of the pipelines or tanks. The most common problems resulting from rouging:
  • products can be contaminated by metal oxide particles;
  • problems associated with the final product - discoloration or color change of the product;
  • possibility of micro-corrosion on the surface of stainless steel;
  • there is a change in roughness and biofilm formation, leading to dangerous bacterial contamination.
Specializing in surface techniques, TRAWIALNIA.EU has developed rouging cleaning procedures for ultrapure water production systems, pipelines, tanks and process equipment.

Our team of experienced professionals is ready to work with you!

Together we'll take care of your plant and production safety.
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