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High quality production that functions without interruptions, is one that is not only complete in terms of the correctness of the recipe, but also refined from the technical side, at the very base.

How is it that the competition launches their production line on time, and each batch of cosmetics, medicines or other demanding goods is compliant with purity standards?

A good manager is like a chef. He knows that all the dishes for a new dish need to be crystal clear. And your company's production line can be too

Ensure the cleanliness
and sterility of the production process

The technicians employed in are a team of specialists who perform a detailed inspection of tanks and equipment in the chemical, brewing, or pharmaceutical industries, or wherever high purity production counts.
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We operate according to refined and safe procedures compliant with ISO certification

Our team will take a detailed look at the surface
tanks and installations in order to:

Detect corrosion

Perform a visual assessment of the surface, as well as build photographic documentation of damage, cavities, pitting, scratches and deposits.

Measure the potentials of surfaces

Before we proceed, we will measure and analyse potential changes on the surface of the tanks, and conduct a roughness analysis.

Prepare detailed technical documentation and further guidelines

We'll perform a detailed analysis of damage and pitting to propose an optimal solution for their repair.

If necessary, we take care of professional tank cleaning.

We offer our customers a specialised washing service and remove all deposits from tanks, as well as production line piping. This service we'll render quickly and in compliance with all safety rules.

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We'll come for a consultation and assess the technical state of your production line. A semi-annual or annual inspection will make sure that any contaminants and deposits that may precipitate from stainless steel, such as heavy metals, will be removed in time.

We take care of your instruments, you enjoy a great, high-quality product.


Our team of experienced professionals is ready to work with you!

Together we'll take care of your plant and production safety.
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