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Consulting projects - audits

We share knowledge, so that your company can grow. As one of just a few companies, we offer consulting and audits

We're specialists in the field of stainless steel treatments

We've been building experience and developing our own technology for many years. And we're glad to offer you this.

We know that a production process can always be improved. We believe that better means safer and cheaper. If you feel there's a gap somewhere in production and something can be improved in the process, we'll gladly perform a Process Effectiveness Audit for you.

We'll draft procedures for your company, which will allow you to save time, money and improve the safety of your employees

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Finding the company's weak points will allow you to work on them

This always increases efficiency and savings.

If your company has no procedures or the existing ones are insufficient, it's time to change this. Our audit can be treated both as a stand-alone product, as well as an introduction to a consulting project for implementation.

See what exactly we can do for you:

Implementation of technological process projects
Optimisation of treatment processes
Planning the document flow process
Implementation of handling procedures

We'll design and implement technological process projects related to stainless steel treatments

We'll examine the needs of your company and design an effective implementation of new solutions. We'll also provide improvements to existing procedures.

You can count on our help for consultations at the design or fit-out stage of a pickling hall, as well as:

  • providing opinions on solutions at the planning stage together with the design company

  • selecting proven materials, devices and instruments for a new investment in a pickling plant, which avoids problems in the later operational phase

  • planning and developing safe pickling and passivation technologies

  • equipping the pickling plant with devices for neutralising acid generated during chemical processing

  • creating proper acid-proof protection and an efficient ventilation system to improve employee safety.
Contact us, write what you need and we'll create a full procedure set.

We'll optimise the chemical steel treatment process in your company

Are you looking for solutions to reduce chemical processing time? Do you want to optimise these processes to improve the final product and, at the same time, reduce its implementation cost? We're happy to do it for you.

You can be sure that implementing our solutions will:

  • shorten the lead time of orders for customers

  • improve the efficient use of chemical treatment products

  • improve work ergonomics

  • increase the number of orders using the same resources

  • reduce the cost of chemical treatment

  • standardise processes and increase the quality of final products

  • expand supervision over processes and improve team management.
Contact us, write what you need. We'll call you back in the blink of an eye.

Internal procedures also include generating and circulating internal documents within the company

The document flow in a company does not always reflect the legal requirements. Employees are often unaware that they should provide an appropriate document for a production process, which may later lead to administrative problems.

Chimimeca is a specialist in administrative quality and we'll be very happy to prepare appropriate procedures for you. You can count on our help in:

  • appropriate planning of the document circulation process

  • preparing a process for quick access to full data on the processes performed in the pickling plant

  • drafting a clear definition of responsibility in the transfer of documentation/information among the staff

  • facilitating task management and improving pickling plant efficiency.
Contact us and you'll learn more about document flow processes in a pickling plant.

We'll implement legal procedures pertaining to customer service and complaints

We know from experience that not every company can keep up with legal changes in the scope of complaint procedures and customer service. Meanwhile, properly implemented procedures allow you to avoid legal problems and optimise costs.

Our team will be happy to help you optimise the complaint processes in your company. We'll help:

  • draft the documentation necessary to manage and handle complaints

  • reduce the number of complaints and optimise their handling costs

  • increase customer satisfaction and their loyalty to your brand, which even from a distance looks like higher sales.
Do you want to implement proper complaint processes in your company? Contact us.

It's about time!

Together we'll take care of your plant and production safety.
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